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Why consider us for your home inspection?

A home purchase is the most exciting venture in life. However exciting it may be, it is always critical not to forego the aspect of a home inspection as it is the last chance for the buyer to make the final walk-through. A home inspection acts as a contingency in a home purchase. In case significant defects are exposed, the buyer can back out their offer early enough without any penalty. Every home buyer must emphasize on buyer’s inspection before signing any contract to reduce any potential future risks.

As reputable Chattanooga home inspector, we don’t just provide home buyers with a list of catastrophes that should be fixed by home sellers. We come out with detailed firsthand reports of inspection findings and answer any questions regarding the physical state of the in question home. We help buyers rid out all the anxiety involved in a home purchase and that includes Chattanooga Roof Inspection, Chattanooga Pool And Spa Inspection, Heating and Air Conditioning System Inspection, and other home inspection services.

Some of the things to expect from our home buyer’s inspection report include:

Safety of a home:

These may include the condition of the stairs, fire sprinklers, guard rails, fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and garage door openers, and more.

Structural elements:

This gives the idea of the areas that need special attention like the foundation, evidence of bowing or sagging of a structure, and alignment of windows, and more. Both obvious and invisible cracks are revealed. Trees encroaching on the foundation is another factor to consider among others.

Evidence of leaks:

The condition of the roof, shingles, gutters, vents, and damages to the chimneys are other vital aspects to consider. Walls and floors should not show any signs of water intrusion whatsoever. Foul and Musty Odors can be a clear sign of a wet basement.

Electrical system:

Visible wiring, lighting fixtures, fans, and circuit breakers should be in up-to-code condition.

Garage condition:

Working garage door openers, windows framing, and ceiling are worth considering.


Signs of malfunctions in the drainage system can be a telltale sign of poor or improper plumbing. Our inspections include checks for potential leakages in the plumbing systems.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems:

Old and poorly maintained heating and cooling systems can mean poor indoor air quality.

Justin did an inspection for me at 2 different locations and did a wonderful job. He was great with communication and inspection and very professional and very thorough. Justin put me at ease and answered all my questions I had and those I didn’t think of. Justin and everyone that I spoke with at Chattanooga Home Inspector was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend CHI.

Review of Chattanooga Home Inspector By Lori Casper

Why choose Chattanooga Home Inspector?

  • Our rich experience in home inspection warrants us the most reliable home inspectors in both ability and thoroughness. We guarantee home buyers a firsthand explanation of the condition of their potential homes.
  • We provide affordable home inspection services. In fact, it only costs a fraction of the buyer’s time and money.
  • We are licensed and insured to perform home inspections. Therefore, we ensure that our inspections exceed minimum home inspection standards.
  • We have the most flexible schedule. Homebuyers can book appointments with us anytime they want.
  • Our personalized solutions guarantee each home buyer a pleasurable home inspection experience.
  • We are knowledgeable about every system in a home. Our assessments are complete and thorough. Our Chattanooga home inspectors are qualified engineers and architects. Thus, we guarantee the best inspection ever.


Home buyers’ inspection is not an expense. It is an investment that every home buyer should make in obtaining a detailed snapshot of a home’s condition. Choosing reputable home inspectors should be a priority for any potential home buyer. Contact us today for a custom home inspection.

Chattanooga Home Inspector provides tips and advice to home buyers. 

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. We provide a report of our findings so you can make your most informed buying decision.

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Chattanooga Home Inspectors will be your home buying or selling advocate!  We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Chattanooga area, we can help!

On A Good Day, We Offer You Peace Of Mind. On A Bad Day, We Save You From Making A Purchase That You May Regret.

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