CHI Professional Development Program

CHI Professional Development Program


Live to Learn

Learn from top of the line courses and conferences!


Empower Yourself and Others

Lead the charge in your own personal and professional development, and bring some friends along with you on the way!


Words Inspire. Action Creates Change

Gaining more knowledge and insight is great, but gathering actionable takeaways puts you on the road to success.


Pinpoint Your Direction

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or a seasoned professional, we continually help you to find your true north at CHI with 1:1 Mentoring.

Essential to leadership development is a commitment to continual education! We invest in the following conference programs for our employees:

We also facilitate access to top of the line professional development courses from the following resources:

We INVEST in our employees! Like with any good investment we hope to see a good return/result from the use of these resources. CHI has two requirements for team members to take advantage of this program.

Physical Wellness Allowance:

In addition to building your mind and knowledge base, emphasizing remaining active is key! We want to help facilitate your happiness and health. CHI covers the  registration cost for any sporting event of your choice. Encouraging other team members to join your endeavor is an additional plus!

1:1 Mentorship:

At CHI, we value growth and development, not just in our business but in our employees as well. We’re beyond excited to offer dedicated mentorship to any current staff members. You’ll have the chance to get guidance and support from one of our leadership team members as you navigate your career path. Our mentorship program is a great way to foster relationships within the company, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the team’s success. 

CHI Professional Development Program
CHI Professional Development Program
CHI Professional Development Program
CHI Professional Development Program
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