Our Pool and Spa Inspection Services

For a homeowner, replacing or repairing a spa or a pool can be very expensive. If you are considering buying or selling a home that comes with a spa or a pool, it is highly recommended to require a home inspection that also includes these elements. While most spa and pool companies focus only on the equipment itself, as a home inspection company we have a different approach.

What Is Included?

The following components are covered by our detailed pool and spa inspection:

  • Steps, decks, and coping
  • Interior finish materials
  • Cleaning system
  • Filter, heaters, drains, skimmer, blowers, motors, pumps, gauges, automatic safety controls, visible valves, and piping
  • The water supply system in order to make sure no cross-connections are to be found
  • External bonding of the heaters blowers, pump motors, and other equipment
  • Ladders, handrails, slides, and diving boards
  • Operation of ground fault circuit interrupters, underwater lighting, timer assemblies, visible electrical components, and conduit
  • The presence of child safe barriers


Spa and pools should be a source of enjoyment and comfort, so it is advisable to ensure you request their inspection before selling or buying a house. Our pool and spa inspection services are done according to ASHI Standards. The inspection will include an overview of the pool exterior, pool equipment including the electrical components, filter pump, and heater, as well as the visible areas of the pool coping or shell.

Our pool and spa inspection report will include digital photos of any area of concern. At the time of the inspection, our expert inspector will check the areas of concern and then email the same day as the inspection a link with the report as a pdf file. You need to be aware of the fact that the pool and spa are not covered by our home inspection warranties. If you want to have warranties on the pool or spa, you may purchase coverage through our Home Warranty.

Detailed Explanation Of Our Services

Our inspection service has a role in informing home buyers and sellers of the current condition of their swimming pools and spas. Spas and swimming pools can be a great addition to any home but you need to be aware of their condition. Our certified inspectors are trained to review spas, pools, jacuzzies, hot tubs, whirlpools, and more.

The following features will be assessed during the inspection process:

  • Spa / Pool Coping and Vessel: This part of our inspection includes the surface condition of the pool and deck. We will check for pitting, discoloration, and cracks. The coping surrounding the pool will be checked for cracking and open joints. Our inspection will also review drains, looking for the presence of anti-vortex covers that need to be used for safety reasons.
  • Spa / Pool Equipment: This part of our inspection includes checking spa/pool lights, piping, filters, pumps, heaters, timers, accessories, skimmers, and controls.
  • Spa / Pool Equipment Operation: This part of our inspection includes checking the operation of the pump, inspection for proper filtration and skimming, leakage, filter pressure, the operation of the spa blower, and heater activation.


Additionally, our expert pool and spa inspector will evaluate the whole environment, including the walkway, gates, fence, pool perimeter, diving board, slide, lighting, rails, structure, and other possible concern items. The inspection has as a primary goal the review of all accessible pool components in order to identify any items that need repair. This way, it can be ensured that the pool is safe, fully operational, and reasonable to maintain.

Homebuyers will have an idea now how we work for their pool and spas. But aside from that, we offer other home inspection services also which include Heating and Air Conditioning System inspection, Chattanooga Roof Inspection, Radon, Mold, and Septic Inspections, and other home inspection services. If you wish to avail of our services, you can contact us and schedule your home inspection now. 

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