What Is A Pre-Listing Inspection According to and Why Do I Need One?

Chattanooga Pre-Listing InspectionIf you’re selling your home and want to make sure the sale process will go smoothly and quickly, it would be wise to consider a Pre-Listing home inspection. Many people assume that only the home buyer should have a home inspection before buying a house, however, the seller can also benefit from a Pre-Listing inspection because it will help avoid unnecessary problems down the road. By changing the inspection time to the beginning of selling the house, the seller is able to shorten the process of selling the house by removing obstacles before they interfere with the potential sale. Like for Chattanooga Pre-Listing inspection, they will provide both parties a written report of the Pre-Sale condition of the property, ensuring that knowledgeable decisions are made.

Why get a Pre-Listing home inspection from Chattanooga Home Inspector?

To put it simply, Pre-Listing inspections are of benefit to everyone involved in the selling and buying of the house. Here are the top reasons Pre-Listing inspections are rising in popularity:

1. Options
Sellers are able to choose who they want to do the inspection and can help in providing details of equipment upkeep, supply the buyers with dates of recent improvements, and explanations for current conditions. This information will, in turn, help the buyer know exactly what they are getting into, and if they can afford the maintenance of the house.

2. Time
By doing a Pre-Listing inspection, this gives the seller time to decide how they want to improve the home’s appeal. If this is done in the middle of showing homes, it could interrupt the process of a potential buyer.

3. Accurate Pricing
A Pre-Listing home inspection helps the agent set a correct price expectation and can be used to support a higher asking price after recent improvements have been made to the house. If an inspection is not done, it would do the opposite by likely making the seller have to sell the house at a lower price because of maintenance issues. Sellers will gain more time to make repairs and are able to truly provide full disclosure to their potential buyers.

4. No Surprises
Agents will have fewer issues to negotiate at the last hour of a deal, when stakes are high, and money often drops. Buyers will be impressed when any doubt is removed in the buyer regarding initial concerns and ultimately reduces the stress associated with purchasing a home.

Making a home inspection a vital part of the home sales process is of utmost importance. By both parties participating in the inspection, they will both protect from any loss of time and money by providing invaluable information that will allow educated decisions to be made or change more specifically on issues and problems occurs in your homes like the need for mold testing, septic inspection, plumbing system problems and radon testing in Chattanooga.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying a home, don’t miss out on one element that can make or break your deal. Take away the chance of making a decision you’ll regret later on and schedule a Pre-Listing home inspection today!

Whether you’re the Seller or Buyer, It’s A Decision You Won’t Regret!

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