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Chattanooga Home Inspector Shares The Importance of a Radon Gas Inspection

In every 15 homes in America has high levels of Radon, which is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Is your home one of these? Read to find out how you can check.

Checking the home you live in for various factors that could affect your health while you live there is vital. There are many hidden dangers that all too often, we are simply not aware of. Radon, a carcinogenic gas, is one of these. Hazardous to inhale, Radon is responsible for about 12% of lung cancers in the nation. With more than 20,000 Americans dying of radon-related lung cancer each year, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Any home, both old and new, can have a radon problem. Radon is one of those stealthy killers because you cannot see, smell, or taste it. Radon Testing is the only way to find out your home’s radon levels. This is why it is so important to get a Radon gas inspection whether you’re considering the purchase of a new home or have lived in one for years. Your Chattanooga Home Inspector will get a clear reading of your home’s Radon levels by checking readings from a Radon machine every hour. We will then give you a detailed report on what was found and what steps need to be taken afterward.

At Chattanooga Home Inspector, we are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to keep your home in tip top shape and your family safe.

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But just what is Radon? It evolves from the natural breakdown of Uranium in soil, rock, water, and ultimately gets into the air you breathe. It moves up through the ground up to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Because you and your family spend most of your time at home, this is where you are most likely to get the greatest radiation exposure. If you haven’t had your home tested for Radon yet, be sure to do it as soon as possible. If you find that you have high radon levels, there are ways this problem can be fixed. Even if you have extremely high levels they can be reduced to acceptable levels.

This is also very important if you are planning on selling your home. Unsure of what areas of your home need to be tested? You should be sure to test in the lowest level of the home that is suitable to live in with the help from Chattanooga Radon Inspection. This means testing at the lowest level that you and your family currently live in or a lower level that is not currently used, but a buyer could use for living space without renovations.

“Tom Tripp was an excellent inspector. He was very punctual and extremely through. We relied on Tom more than the average home buyer because we were not able to be at the inspection. He worked with our realtor and made sure to answer any questions we had. The report that Chattanooga Home Inspector produced was as comprehensive as we had ever seen and we have bought several houses during our lifetime. We would highly recommend Chattanooga Home Inspector for anyone looking to buy a home.”- Review of Chattanooga Home Inspector By Mary Walker

Radon Analysis is a Vital Element of Your Home Inspection

Many people don’t check their homes for Radon because they believe it is difficult, time-consuming, and very expensive. However, it is quite the opposite. Radon testing is affordable and very easy to do and a radon test kit is what you need in order to make this job stress-free and easy. It has a vital part in ensuring that you are safely living in your house. Other people claim that they have lived in their house with Radon for extended periods of time and that it no longer makes sense to take action at this point, however, you greatly reduce your risk of lung cancer by reducing the levels of Radon in your home regardless of how long you have lived with the problem.

It is important to take action now to save yourself and your family from easily preventable problems in the future.

Why take chances? Give yourself Peace Of Mind and call Chattanooga Home Inspector to check your home for Radon!

Chattanooga, TN is located in Hamilton County, which has an EPA assigned Radon Zone of 3. A radon zone of 3 predicts an average indoor radon screening level less than 2 pCi/L, which is below the recommended levels assigned by the EPA. Chattanooga is located in a low risk area of the country. However, with any household or business, regardless of Radon Zone, it is suggested your home be tested for unsafe levels of radon.

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