Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Thorough Roof Inspection From Chattanooga Home Inspector.

Is the roof over your head really dependable, or could there be damage you are unaware of? Read on for the main ways roofs are damaged, and what you can do about it.

At Chattanooga Home Inspectors, we know the roof is that one part of the house that people often expect to be able to rely on, but often end up putting on the back burner of their home maintenance plan. However, most people don’t realize that aside from your heating and air conditioning system in your house, the roof is one of the main parts of the house that needs a regular maintenance program also to get the maximum life out of it.

It is essential to its strength and durability against the many outside elements it faces. People often make the mistake to think that just because a roof isn’t leaking it hasn’t suffered some sort of damage, however, this is simply untrue. Roofs are prone to damage from many different things including the wind, storms, animals, and even extremely hot or cold weather. As with most materials, the natural tendency of a roof system is to slowly deteriorate the moment it comes in contact with the environment.

Ensure your roof’s long life by getting certified inspections every two years. Many factors affect the condition of your roof so you may need to plan your inspections to include checking weather damage, the direction of the sun, and insulation issues. By having a regular semi-annual roof inspection, you can catch many roofing problems before any major damage occurs.

These periodic visual inspections will help to significantly increase the service life of any roof and therefore reduce life cycle costs in the long run. Our Chattanooga roof inspection will walk over the whole roof area looking for and photographing any deficiencies they may find. They are able to find things that would be invisible to the untrained eye and catch problems before they become disastrous. Not only will the inspector look for problematic areas, but they will also estimate the remaining life of a roof as well.

Chattanooga Home Inspector worked with us when we were shopping for a home. We were under contract and wanted to determine the condition of the home. The inspectors were very professional and very thorough. The report they generated was very detailed. Super helpful. They spotted many issues we never would have noticed without their help. They were incredibly helpful in the decisions we made regarding the home. Highly recommend this company.”

Review of Chattanooga Home Inspector By Lorraine Portman

They will also take a look at the roof angle and see how long it takes for water to evaporate. Water infiltration is notorious as being one of the most persistent and costly problems that result in roof leaks, loss of insulating properties, structural deterioration, and ultimately serious property damage. Many of these problems can be prevented by using specific tools to test the roof’s integrity. Infrared moisture surveys can determine if and where detrimental moisture is in a roofing system.

Our Chattanooga Home Inspectors will also look for weakened areas that indicate rot or leaks. Every inch of the roof should be inspected including individual shingles, so in some cases, if an area isn’t safe enough to access, the inspector will usually use binoculars.

The materials that were used to build your roof will also be analyzed on when it was constructed, the last replacement, and the material’s nature of deterioration. On average this detailed inspection takes around two days.

The Chattanooga Home Inspector provides the following services:

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Chattanooga Home Inspector Also Offers Aerial Inspections of Your Roof

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