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Starting at the roof we are going to determine the roofing materials and the condition of the roof as well as the chimney, gutters, skylight, venting for attic and venting for plumbing. In the attic, we will see and notate the framing materials, insulation materials, attic access, and any deficiencies with these items or improper venting exposed electrical wires or anything else.

Inside each bedroom and all interior areas, we will make sure all doors, windows, lights, fans, fireplaces, etc work correctly, while also testing every electrical outlet that we can access to ensure they are properly grounded.


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In all bathrooms, we run the shower, flush the toilet, and inspect the sink to make sure all these operations drain properly. We ensure that the vent fan is working properly and make sure that every electrical outlet is properly GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected.

In the kitchen, we will make sure the electrical outlets are installed and grounded properly and ensure the sink also function properly. We will turn on every appliance and prove that it is operating correctly with the use of infrared cameras (the dishwasher is turned on upon arrival so it can run through a full cycle). We will also open all accessible cabinets in the kitchen to make sure they operate properly.

If the house is on a slab it’s pretty difficult to view said slab but if the house is on a crawlspace or a basement we will inspect all of the framing members, piers, columns, to make sure they are installed correctly and what types of material they are made of. While at the same time we will be inspecting all the wooden subfloors, floor joists, main beams, load supports, and out-band joists for decay, termite damage or any other damage. The crawlspace is where a lot of problems typically show up and here is where we will also be looking at the plumbing delivery and waste lines to make sure they are working and are there any leaks. We’ll document what these materials are made of and that there are appropriate ventilation and insulation for the floors.

We always use Infrared cameras to prove the water heater is working and how old the water heater is if we can. We use the same technology to make sure that your heating and air systems work and typically we’ll be able to determine the age of the HVAC units as well and of course, document if it uses gas, oil, electricity, or any other heat source. Speaking of heat source don’t worry about the fireplace either, we will test that too along with the damper and any other components of the fireplace.

Outside the house, we are going to be looking at EVERYTHING, the driveway, the grade of the lot, power lines, yard, trees, you name it. After looking over all the things that may affect your house that is not a part of it we move on to the house itself.

On the house itself we will be looking at all siding, doors, windows, trim, and note any deficiencies. While looking at any steps or decks, the safety concerns we will be looking at are not only handrails if there are more than three steps we will make sure the stair stringers are properly spaced and the treads are in good condition. There are so many checkboxes when inspecting a deck like height, handrails, condition, proper footers, proper decking, proper spacing of joists, joist hangers, and more.

All of the noted items above and deficiencies will be noted in your report with recommendations of repair. Your report is guaranteed to be delivered to you on the same day of the inspection so you can move forward with negotiations of repairs or ask for a reduction in cost for the property. If you need us to inspect the house again after repairs are made we can go back to the house and make sure they were done correctly for you.

When we leave the property we will ensure everything is cleaned up, locked up, and left just the way it was when we arrived. We even video this to show proof of it.

We also want all of our clients to know that we perform a multitude of additional inspection services like Radon Gas Testing, Mold Testing, Pool Testing, Septic Dye Testing, Sewer Scope, etc that are not included in the standard inspection.

Check out some of our videos on YouTube for the best home maintenance tips and hacks!

Below are some of the services that we provide for you!

Some of the items we inspect when performing our Chattanooga Home Inspection:

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