Drew Bain

Drew is talented musician playing the saxophone and enjoys listening to classical rock. One of Drews former careers was managing a pawn shop, so he knows how to deal with every caliber of person. Drew’s main passion in life is to spread autism awareness because he sees it in his everyday life with his son Colton.


Favorite Book: InterNACHI’s study guide to the Home Inspectors National Exam

Ask me about: Halloween 

” Drew Bain is the absolute best ever!! My husband and I have had prior inspections in the past and have never been given even a slightly comparable service provided by Drew. The absolute best experience I’ve ever had with a home inspection!! From the detailed walk through during the inspection, showing us exactly what he saw and explaining what it means, and even explaining the rationale behind the steps of the inspection. He was super thorough and patient during the entire process. I would recommend drew to any and everyone. He will definitely be my first choice for all my inspections.” – Review of Chattanooga Home Inspector By Pamela Huckabee

Drew takes pride in helping his clients make sure their dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

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